Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center

Christopher McIntyre wrote to tell me:
“I have visited Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center
three times…”

I have visited the dog psychology center three times.  Not because my dogs needed help, but rather to adopt Popeye (the one eyed pitbull). Most of the dogs in his pack are either up for adoption (rescue dogs) or client’s dogs.

Regarding the chain link fence: No, the dogs are not separated from each other.   Some dogs are separated when a client’s unstable dog comes for rehabilitation. Otherwise, all the dogs are allowed to co-mingle.   The chain link fences also keep the dogs out of certain areas (like the pool) when Cesar doesn’t want the dogs in that area.

Regarding the “Energy”, you are correct. Its the way you carry yourself. He explained this to us while he taught my wife how to walk a pitbull and a rottweiler while pushing a stroller. Head up, shoulders back, and walk with a purpose. Its not magic.

Regarding the location: its in South LA. Very Very close to South Central (in fact it is just off of South Central Ave between Florance and Avalon). The property is in an industrial area. The street he is on resembles an alley. So as far as cost, I don’t think he paid alot for it. It is a pretty “bad area, but like you said, anyone would feel pretty safe with 40 – 50 pitbulls and rottweilers.   And you are right about not being able to get rid of dog aggression. Popeye was raised to fight. That is how he lost his eye. He has quite a few scars as well. He loves people and other calm big dogs, but he hates cats and little dogs. I can get him to ignore and tolerate, but not like.

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  1. Is Cesar’s dog psychology center open yet? I am in desparate need of it for my dog!!!! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

  2. We need help!! We have a 3 year old, spayed, female pit bull. In Oct. 2011, my granddaughter gave us 6 month old pit bull pup., female, spayed. for 3 months they got along great. The older dog played with a seemed to mother the pup.
    Then a month ago the older one attacked the pup while they were playing, for no apparent reason. She caused some bite spots. My wife had to throw water them to get the older one to stop fighting. Three weeks later, it happened again, ion the house. I was able to grab the older dog’s collar and pull them apart. The pup had som bad bites and was taken to the vet. She was traumatized for 4 or 5 days. Then they started playing together again and all appears to be okay. However, we know, from the vet, that it will probably happen again. We love the pup and don’t want to give her up, but we can’t have them fighting, the pup, or one of us is liable to be seriously injured.

    1. I can answer this. You are not Alpha dog. When they get to play should be decided on YOU and the extent of how rough the play is should depend on YOU. The older dog needs to be walked first couple days alone with you. Head up, shoulders back, really feel confident like a leader an your old dog will get the hint. Don’t allow him to sniff around…his attention should be focused on you. When he does well with this: add the puppy and walk the both of them. If one tries to even SMELL the other block them with your foot and say HEY!! Short And deep like you mean business. If blocking doesn’t work then give a quick jerk of the leash with a hey. Supervise their play constantly and see what triggers the older dog to attack. He either feels threatened physically or most likely he believes you, the house, everything belongs to HIM and that the pup is trying to take over the alpha role.

  3. I have a miniture schnauzer and a black leb . My schnauzer is 2 years old he has bitten 2 people he is very sweet when strangers are not around . If any one comes to our house he will try to bite them . I have a shock collar which stops the bark and also stops the agression towards people . I dont want to have it on him there are 2 prongs which doesen’t seem comfortable . He also bullys the lab . It would kill me to put him down What can I do ?
    Thank you carolyn

    1. I so feel your pain. My Max is as sweet as they come…..until I try to mop or vaccum. HE HATES BOTH!, (so do I really , lol) He attacks them and I have to put him outside. He also is aggressive when people come in the house, until they sit down and he jumps on them. Then he is fine. It’s embarrassing to call my clients and tell them “when you come in my house, my dogs will bark, just go sit on the couch for a sec and they will be fine”
      He also is not a fan of kids. My boyfriend brought his dugher over and he nipped at her and she is scared now Everytime she gets up to move he lunges and barks as if he is very unsure about her. And then last cats DRIVE HIM CRAZY! So, I just called a behavorial therapist. I will let you know how it goes! I love my Max and don’t want to find him a new home.

  4. Hi, I can’t seem to find ANYTHING anywhere, not even on any of Cesar’s shows or on the internet that’s even remotely close to what I’m dealing with and certainly found no answers to our problem. This thread is about aggressive dogs, and perhaps the closest to my problem.

    We have a 5 year old female Pug, Sadie. She’s the best dog ever, she has always been obedient, well behaved, never destroyed anything, is free to roam the house, I leave her anywhere she wants to go because she is a calm well behaved dog. 3 months ago we decided to get another dog. This was discussed amongst the family and we had the opportunity to adopt a 4 month old male Pit Bull named Harley. He’s a fantastic dog. NO aggression whatsoever, very smart, loving and a super joy to have in our family. Very hyper though and rough when he plays. We started his training immediately and we’re seeing great results. I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy, but staying calm and assertive we’ve established the Alpha role and he doesn’t try to defy us. Problem: he’s hurtful to the Pug. He’s so rough on her, he gives her no respect. He jumps all over her, knocks her down, she runs in fear in her own home. He’s not trying to bite or fight her, he’s playing, but he’s 4x her size. She does NOT want to play with him. At first she loved him!! He was her size, she set boundaries with a few snaps and he accepted that, we thought all was well but as he grew and became more hyper he got rougher and rougher on her and now as I said she just runs from him. One day he knocked her down the stairs, she ended up in Emerg that night with a herniated disc. She was put on medication that almost killed her (internal bleeding, vomitting, etc) so she was confined to our room to heal and get better. It was a scary time for us and during this time we had to keep to her in our room, no stairs, no walks, no horseplay. They thought she might need surgery and even thought she could die from this as some neurological tests showed she was not responding properly. But over 8 weeks she has fully recovered, we were finally given the go ahead to let her out and about but to watch her carefully, still helping her up and down the stairs in our home to do her business. Since the introduction to her back into the pack Harley is unbarable!! He can’t leave her alone. He obsessively stares at her, then creeps in then pounces. I step in constantly and sometimes it’s a rodeo show here. He can’t leave her alone no matter what I do. She is not safe in her own home and she has quickly grew to hate him. When he sees her he goes crazy, knocking over bar stools, kitchen chairs, garbage can, she starts running looking for a place to hide and I’m running behind yelling at him to stop, then I practically have to tackle him just as he gets her to the ground and she screams in pain. He’s hurting her and she’s becoming depressed. I have no idea what to do. It’s killing me because I love my little Sadie so much, have for 5 years and now I’ve brought a dog in the house who is terrorizing her. I love Harley too, he’s a great dog who is so loving otherwise and I really just want them to get along well so we can have a balanced pack. What can I do?

    1. With regard to Harley, you need to exercise the daylights out of him. Pitties are athletes. They need alot of solid exercise everyday. If you can’t walk him to exhaustion everyday, get a reputable dog walker to help. Get him a backpack to make his workout more draining. 10% of his body weight to start. Add a bit more if he adjusts to the extra weight. Then you need to moniter him when Sadie is out in the yard. She does not “hate” him. She will however become fearful of him because he is playing to rough. Her fearful energy will them make her a target for Harley. You should practice draining Harley’s energy every day, and then when you bring him back to your home, keep him on leash and attached to you. Do this for as many hours out of the day, as many days in a row as possible. With Harley attached to you, he cannot go after Sadie. If he starts to alert to her, focus on her, give him a correction ala Cesar Millan. That is, give him a leash correction, or bite him in the neck with your hand. Allowing Harley to just run loose, and then having to run after him only heightens the problem of him being in charge (which he thinks he is). If he is attached to you, you have eliminated his ability to do whatever he wants. Which is never the position you want any dog to be in. Pack followers are only supposed to do what pack leaders allow. You have “allowed” Harley to do was he pleases. He chases and plays too rough with Sadie. Having him attached to you, an “umbilical” leash, eliminates this. He should start to get the idea within a few weeks. The key to all of this though is to really drain his energy.

  5. Hi there my name is Kim.I am feeling very overwhelmed and sad as well as confused.I have a 31/2 year old female Pitt bull.I have had her since she was 8 weeks old.She is dog aggressive so I keep her away from other animals except for my 5 year old lab and my 2 cats.She is dominant and rules the roost around here.Well she is very unpredictable around strangers and so I am very careful ,however she tends to ease up eventually and then is all over them.usually.Yesterday I had my landlord over for the second time and she was not happy.She became very upset growling and barking furiously.He walked over to her and put his hand out and she took a bite out of his finger.He was bleeding bad and had to go to the er and take antibiotics.Well today I had a new little girl come over the house and she went through the back fence as I am a little worried about her now so I want to be careful.But the entire time she growled and scratched at the door.Furiously.I am either really freaking out or she is becoming very aggressive and I cant keep her anymore because there are always people and kids coming over to the house.I feel if she could bite one person she will not hesitate to bite another even if it is a kid.I would be so appreciative for any advice anyone can give me.Thank you

  6. Triple Trouble- My family owns two dogs a golden retriever, and a maltese/poodle mix, I own a Blue heeler mix. I am currently living with my family the dogs somewhat get along. My dog is very dominant, she will not respond half the time when I call her name, she digs holes, nips, barks, and jumps, she destroys anything she can get a hold of. I take her on walks and we are in an agility obedience class but everyone is afraid of my dog, they won’t sit with us. The other dogs, are just as bad in their own ways. It’s almost impossible to get their behavior on tape! I need help. 🙁 what do I do? My main fear is that my dog is very protective of me and she attacks others, dogs and people, she gets worse on a leash.

  7. Hello i’m having so much trouble ,i have been to the vet,etc,i have a dashund female that is 12 /13 years old and then i got a baby yorkie foe xmas, When the puppy was little they got along,now the yorkie frmale is 8 mths.old and is so so very aggressive the other dog does’nt want the puppy playing anymore so she will growl and the pup will attack her this gors on all day so put a frw baby gates and if the pup could she would tear thru.My husband and both have brrn bitten several times mostly when we try to break them up.This morning she went after my HIMALAYAN cat [all laid back never bothers my africangrey or hamsters when my son was younger ]just a great cat this morning for no reason she attack him and he never try to defend himself. i fell i went after her. im lost what to do also my pup is spayed thank you for any that you suggest it would deeply be appreciated.thank you tamala henwood

  8. I am hoping you can help me. We just recently got a Pom a few months ago. He is a really sweet dog, is is 2 1/2 years old and full of energy but he is very dominate and we have been setting rules and boundaries. We have also started exercising him as well. I watch dog whisperer religiously. I have been applying the different techniques and things. But lately in the last few weeks he has become more more aggressive and is doing things he never did before. For instance the other day a little girl was walking down the road and walked infront of our yard down the road and he took off out of the yard and into the road and chanced her down the road all the way to the neighbors. It was so fast it was like from 0-10 in 1 sec. It is becoming more frequent so now we have started taking him out on leash. He has also started going red zone towards dogs where he wasnt that way before. Tonight the neighbor was letting his dog out to potty and Sammy was out there and thank god he was on leash because he would have hurt that dog. I put him in a submissive position. He is doing better in the house with behavior but now the behavior outside is changing. I dont know what to do. It just seems to get worse.


    I have a 11 mo. old female pitbull i had her spayded. As a 3 mo. old pup she was abused, neglected, and thrown away like garbage. I found her and took her to the vet. He said she was days away from dieing due to infections from wonds so deep to her head that you could see the folds of her brain. This has been an emotional expreience for both me and her. The scare rolled down her back. As if someone poured hot oil on her head down to her back. I love her to death and worry for her.
    Now, she is 11 mo. and beautiful! She has healed with miner scares but i couldnt ask for more. About 3 mo. ago i got her spayed… about 1-2 mo. after that she’s been hiding more ofter very quiet timid. When someone walks home sometimes she stays hiden and doesnt have much energy. She sleeps all the time and awak in the night?? she doesnt want to walk or stay outside for more than 10 min. its so sad. it seems as shes depressed sometimes. This is breaking my heart. when i take her to doggy day care she is fine the life of the party! but when she comes home shes sleeping. I NEED A DOG PSYCHOLOGIEST PLEASE HELPPPP ME.

  10. i need help i resuse dogs i have a sholio shepherd
    he is 5 im his 5 home i being teyig for a year now to get him to stop biting that dogs i just cannot get him to stop i have try everthing i know and more please help me

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