Correcting Dog Aggression

Professional Dog Trainer Adam G. Katz takes you behind the scenes of a client session– with a little terrier that is EXTREMELY DOG AGGRESSIVE. I personally would have used the remote collar if this was my dog, as the correction is less “personal” — but a lot of dog owners are still uncomfortable with that approach.

One thought on “Correcting Dog Aggression”

  1. I have a 8 month old pitbull/bull mastiff mixed he like’s to play around but he plays rough and sometimes he get’s aggressive when he plays and like’s to bite while he plays but he bites hard and we tell him no bite or easy bite and to stop bitting and he won’t just seem’s like he does what he wants i need some help on how to break him of these bad habits and he also likes to lick ur face but he nips at your face whilt licking ur face.PLEASE HELP US WE LOVE OUR PUPPY BUT AM AT MY BREAKING POINT.

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