One Week And Counting Down To The Dog Training Seminar

By Suzi Jones –

As Instructed by this trainer I am taking a private seminar with: I called him this week to secure a place of lodging. It was at this time he mentioned that the house I would be staying in the propriotor does not speak very much english. But that makes no difference for you he says as you can speak very good German? How does he know? The one time I tried to speak to him in German he told me to speak english(refer to one of my past blogs about a blow to my ego).

He informed me he recieved my E mail list of what I would like help with, but has not had a chance to view the video I attached (Not of Hella but of the bring video I posted). He gave me a number of a man with private rooms to rent where I would be allowed to stay with Hella and Uly and has now further instructed me to call him next Sunday when I am getting near so we will meet face to face and he can show me around his town and guide me to where some good walking and bike riding places are.

It was at this time he also mentioned that perhaps we would do some practicing next Sunday but I quickly said “After a 6 or 7 hour drive that WE all would need a very long “out and about” session more then likely 2 to 3 hours”, as anyone that travels with dogs know being cooped up in a car for that long can make your dogs hyperactive.

Am I nervous? Only for the fact that I am driving to an area that I have not driven before (I know most of central and south Germany Schweinfurt to Garmish and over to the Salzberg area) But north? They almost do not even speak the same language as every area has a different dialect! Stay tuned for more!

I am not sure if I will be able to e-mail or check the internet on a daily basis, but in the mean time I will be writting up something everyday about my training and holiday experiences while I am there and if I cannot post them during that week I sure will, when I get back home.