A Dog Training Success Story With A Toy Breed

Kevin wrote to us about his dog training success with a toy breed.  (He was replying to another member on our Master Dog Trainer Discussion Forum)…

“I have a Yorkie Poo that was only about three pounds when I started using Adam’s techniques. He is almost six months-old now and thus far has learned lose leash, sit, down, some perimeter boundaries. I was about to purchase a mini prong collar as Adam had suggested but he also suggested that I try training him with a flat collar. I did and my puppy responds very well to my commands.”

Adam’s techniques work and you get results very quickly if you follow them the way he outlines in his books. I was about to pay $$$ to take my puppy to a box store training class then I found this site. I am glad I didn’t waste my time and money on the box store training class.”


Photo by Star5112 from Flicker