A Storm of Changes

By Carolyn Contois –
Sunday, Aug 31, 2008 03:14 –

Hurricane Season…… wait, watch, hope….pick up the pieces and move on. We, in the dog world, have learned to do the same. As we prepare for Gustave to make land fall, preparation and prayers are in full swing. All the best planning can only lessen the event of losses and tragedy. Many pets will never return to their homes, but as fate would have it …. they may find there way to yours.

Here are a few tips if you find yourself rescuing a lost sole.

1. Be careful. This animal is scared, lost, possibly injured, hungry and dehydrated. Approach them with extreme caution and keep them separate from your pets.

2. If you get past the initial introduction, give food and water in small amounts, even he seems ravenous. 3. Contact local authorities, check for any identification. Take them to a local vet or shelter to check for a microchip or tattoo. Many shelters use tattoos for identification. Check the internet lost and found listings.

4. If you decide to keep the dog, please make sure that you have tried to find the owner. If it was you , you would have wanted the same courtesy.

5.If you cannot keep him yourself and /or you cannot find a suitable home, PLEASE, take him to a shelter… DON’T just dump him off somewhere , thinking he’ll have another chance…. he won’t. They get lost, starve , get hit by cars, and an infinite variety of other catastrophes. I was a Humane agent in Miami for years… I’ve seen it all.

Don’t know what to do ? Call your local shelter or you can E-mail me. I will always try to help. kikicon10@msn.com. Or visit my website www.c-dogsunlimited.com