A Trained Dog Without a Trained Owner is Like Owning a Ferrari Sports Car But Not Knowing How To Drive

A Trained Dog Without A Trained Owner Is Like Owning A Ferrari Sports Car But Not Knowing How To Drive

The frustrating thing about being in the dog training business is coming to the realization that 90% of your time is spent training people, rather than dogs.

To really deliver the results, a professional dog trainer must train the owner how to train their dog. Rather than just going in and training the dog.

Because dog training is:

  • A process of establishing and promoting a proper relationship between
    the owner and the dog


  • Developing a way of communicating so that commands are both understood
    and have meaning…

… simply traing the dog doesn’t cut it. Sure, technically you’re fulfilling your part of the agreement. The owner comes to you and pays you to train the dog.

But again, because it all gets back to developing a proper relationship between the owner and the dog, if I do the training, then the dog end up developing¬†a proper relationship with me! But when he goes home with the owner, he still has the same dysfunctional relationship he’s always had.

So, one of the things that’s really made me successful in this business has been my ability to teach the owner how to handle, train and work with his own pet. That way, even if he travels, or buys a new home the dog is still going to respect, respond, bond and want to please his owner. (Once more, it doesn’t do the owner any good if his dog does back flips on command, but only for the trainer).

The problem with being ethical and honest about my approach to dog training (or people training, to be more specific)& is that your business model is left open to one very annoying “fly in your ointment.”

And that annoying “fly” is the fact that, even though my dog training techniques are easy to master, and work really quickly… there’s always going to be a certain small percentage of dog owners who are well, quite frankly… idiots!