Addition to Training Fast, Also Training/Practicing In Different Locations Is Important.

By Hexen –

So while on vacation, Hella exacuted her blind search very well and worked very well in general which was a complete suprise. Yesterday (Saturday) I was so excited to show the master trainer How well she did!

“Oh good, lets see” he says…….. Wow we FLOPPED!

So I am thinking to myself why at one club she performs much better then at the other club? We work 3 times a week at the boxer club Wednesday evening 5P.M until usually 9 P.M, Saturday afternoon from 2 P.M until 8P.M and sundays from 8 a.m. until usually 3 or 4 P.M.Now mind you this is not mydogs alone working for that long by the time all the dogs (12 boxers) go through their Obedience routines then we start the next set of bite work. Anyway….

So I had to take a few small steps backward on saturday but only for 2 times at each exercise.I had to go backwards and use a bite toy for hella to find in the Blind and bring to me. But by this morning I first practiced 1 time with the toy in the blind then the second try I decided only to walk around the blind, but not drop a toy for her to bring. O.K I sent her to revier and she went into the blind then was running around like a chicken with her head cut off looking for the stupid toy, I called her here to me while hitting the toy against my boot for her hear and noticed, Ooops…. there went that light bulb in her head again MOM HAS THE TOY! “Oh now I get it” is the look she had. Druing the week next I have to work on recalling her after sending her around the blind and having her come and sit infront before rewarding her.

So the end point is working in a different location will sometimes bring about different results. So I cannot stress enough to change locations to practice your routines (this even goes for just taking an on leash walk) Try to change the locations where you walk as often as you can.

Next is the subject of training fast. At club 1 the mixed club most do not train very fast but then most members have Malinioas they do not need to get pumped up to work!

At the boxer club I noticed the master trainer and 1 other member while waiting their turn to take their dogs onto the field to do their bite work, jog along doing change of directions. Then I started to think about Adams blog and decided to give it a try. Mostly because hella gets herslef so spun up while waiting for her turn. I had tried being calm, calmly giving corrections with the prong collar, making sure not to pet or praise or speak to her as she still would not quiet down.

Well today I kept her moving at a quick pace changing directions back and forth, and this worked and helped to relax her and quiet her (as in stop her barking) but still keep that excitment and drive I want at a good level.

So Yes if you notice your dog fixating or being so distracted sometime to move quickly and with out notice will help in the end product to get their attention on you and not the distractions.