Adopting A Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a lively and attractive American breed of dog.  It is intelligent, trainable, and makes for a delightful companion who is always ready for a walk or a playful game with its owners.  However, achieving the desired markings can be a show aspirant’s nightmare, and the females frequently require a cesarean section when giving birth (whelping).  These animals will not reach more than 25 pounds in weight.

Brief History: The Boston Terrier, sometimes called the “American Gentleman” can trace its ancestry from the mating of a crossbred Bulldog/terrier called Judge, which was imported to the United States from the United Kingdom in 1865.  In time the English and Staffordshire Bull Terrier were added to the mix through breeding.  At first it was known as the American Bull Terrier, but as a result of objections from other Bull Terrier clubs, it was renamed the Boston Terrier after the city responsible for its development.

Feeding: An ideal meal for this dog would be ½ to 1 can (376g, 13.3 oz size) of a branded, meaty product, with biscuit added in equal part by volume.  Or you may add 1 ½ cupfuls of a dry complete food mixed in the proportion of 1 cup of feed to ½ cup of hot or cold water.

Grooming: You must brush your Boston Terrier every day.  In the United States the ears are cropped in some states according to law.  This practice is illegal in the United Kingdom.  Also, the coat never sheds with this dog breed.

Exercise Requirement: This breed does not need any specific exercise regimen, but of course a normal healthy dose of daily walks is ideal.  Try to offer him as much free movement as possible, but again, there is no required heavy use of exercise that this dog will need.