Adopting A Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier has a sturdy, compact body with either a short, hard coat or a rough, wiry coat.  He is handy size, full of character, and makes for a wonderful sporty companion as well as a house pet.  Though he is intelligent, he can be difficult to train because of his stubborn nature and high activity level.  This breed is very affectionate with his family and usually friendly toward strangers.  He can be easily distracted, particularly by scent and should be kept on leash when taken outside.  Training method should be consistent and firm from puppy hood.

Size: The Jack Russell Terrier stands 11-14in at the shoulder and weighs between 10-16lb.

History and origin: This breed was initially developed by Reverend Jack Russell in Devonshire, England who died about 100 years ago.  He built up a strain of wire-haired fox Terriers that would hunt with his hounds.  They would also go to ground and bolt the fox.  Jack Russell not only bred these unique terriers but also judged terriers at West Country shows and was one of the earliest members of the Kennel Club.

Feeding: Recommended feeding for this breed is ½ – 1can of high quality meat product (13.3oz size) with biscuit added in same amount by volume or 1 ½ cupfuls of a complete, dry food.

Exercise: This breed is suitable for apartment life provided he gets daily exercise.  However, this breed needs regular activity to curb his restlessness.  He loves to play with a ball and can be a good retriever.

Grooming: A daily brushing with a stiff brush is recommended to keep his coat in good condition.