Adopting A Komondor

History and origin: The Komondor is an old breed originated from Hungary.  He was bred for centuries to guard flocks and property from thieves and predators and has worked with and without other dogs.  He is well known for his corded coat which protects him from cold, harsh weather and from the attacks of predators.

Description: The Komondor stands 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 80 and 120 pounds.  He has a strong, thick, sturdy body and a thick, heavy, weather-resistant double coat that seldom sheds.  The shorter undercoat is woolly and soft while the outer coat is longer, course, and wavy.  The combination of the two types of hair forms naturally into mop-like cords that looks like a type of controlled matting.  These cords are highly absorbent of moisture and odor and can become mildewed if the dog spends time outside in wet weather.  Cording is a high-maintenance style and is not very adaptable to the home; many owners choose instead to keep the coat clipped.  The color is always white.

About the breed: The Komondor is a serious, purposeful herding breed that is not easily adaptable to family life.  He is wary, reserved, and very independent.  This breed is usually loyal and affectionate only with his owners and suspicious of strangers.  He is very territorial and will not hesitate to show aggression toward a person or dog coming onto his property.  A Komondor may also show aggression toward his owner if annoyed, teased, or pushed.  Training needs to start early and must be firm and uncompromising.  A weak owner will be easily overwhelmed by this dominant, independent breed.  Similar to the Great Pyrenees or the Kuvasz, he was bred to live on his own with a herd of sheep and very little human contact.  This breed is not recommended for families with children or small animals.  Socialization from day one as well as plenty of exercise is mandatory to prevent destructive behavior.  The Komondor is susceptible to hip dysplasia and bloat.

Feeding: Recommended feeding for the Komondor is at least 2 ½ cans of high-quality canned product (13.3oz) mixed with biscuit in equal amount or 5 cupfuls of a complete, dry dog food.

Ideal home: The best place for this breed is a sheep ranch in the country or a house in the country with a fenced yard.  The owner should be a dominant, no-nonsense leader who wants an independent, protective breed and who has time to train, exercise, and socialize the dog.  Weak, compromising, cautious owners will create a dominant, dangerous dog and may get hurt.  This is not a dog for those with children, nor is he suitable for the elderly or the disabled.