Adopting A Miniature Bull Terrier

This small dog breed is a dog owner’s wish come true.  It is an attractive Bull Terrier breed without the exaggerations that make the standard Bull Terrier so unusual.  His size is perfect, standing at only ten to fourteen inches tall, though he is little too small to have the guard-dog power of his bigger brother.  However, he still makes a fantastic watchdog, will fit into all lifestyles, and is very active and alert.  This dog breed is also excellent with children and have been proven to be great family dogs.

Physical Traits

As mentioned above, the size of the Miniature Bull Terrier stands up to 14 inches tall.  He is strongly constructed, proportionate, has a long deep head and a full oval face.  Without having any indentations, his head should be filled up completely.  The forehead is flat from ear to ear.  He has small ears that are thin and close together.  The eyes are small, well sunken, and triangular.  The neck is very powerful and long.  His back is short and strong for his small size.  The tail is short and set low from behind which tapers to a point.  The shoulders of the Miniature Bull Terrier are strong without heaviness, while the legs are heavy boned with forelegs of moderate length.  His coat is short and flat and will always contain the color white in it, whether completely white or with patches.

Health & Physical Needs

Little information can be found regarding hereditary and congenital defects of the Miniature Bull Terrier, but the information that most authors have suggests that there are very few problems with this breed.  This is remarkable, for the Mini Bull is both a bantamized breed and a breed which has developed from a relatively small breed base.  However, it is true that its parent breed, the Bull Terrier, also have very few hereditary problems.  Some Deafness in the lines should be carefully checked.  Grooming needs are minimal, just the standard brushing and bathing as most dogs need.  However, training needs and exercises needs are high.