Adopting A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This dog breed is distinguished from the very similar looking Cardigan Welsh Corgi, by his docked tail.  The attractive face and head resembles that of a fox.  His eyes are oval, his eyes dark, and the ears are erect and medium sized with rounded points.  The neck is fairly long for this dog’s small size, as well as slightly arched and clean.  The ribs are slightly egg-shaped and moderately long with a deep chest, not too low to the ground.  The forelegs are short with forearms turning inward slightly so that the front is not totally straight.  His coat is double and medium in length, with a noticeable ruff; hair straight and at times wavy but not wiry or fluffy.  The Pembroke’s color can range in colors of red, sable, fawn, black and tan, and may also contain white.

Size: The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a medium-sized, big boned dog who is moderately long and low standing.  His height is only about ten to twelve inches tall and ideally he will weigh in at approximately 27 pounds.  The female should be about two pounds lighter.

Health: The Pembroke has a long life span that can live into the double-digit years.  Grooming needs are minimal, but as an an owner of this breed you must ensure a proper diet and guard against excess because when overweight, Corgi’s  are prone to serious back problems.  Too much stair climbing and high impact exercises can also lead to injury.  However, the most common medical problems you may encounter with this dog are eye problems, as they are the most common complications, with PRA, lens luxation, and secondary glaucoma all found in this breed.  Hip dysplasia is also known, and though its effects seem less debilitating in the Corgi, it is of course still highly undesirable.  Cervical disc (neck) and back problems are known, as is epilepsy.  All breeders must screen for hips and eyes (including retinal dysplasia).  If properly fed and taken care of, Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s can live healthy up to 14 years.