Adopting A Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier (Scottie) is an attractive looking dog with a strong, compact, thick-boned body.  He has short legs, pricked ears, and a short wiry coat with a softer undercoat.  This extremely loyal breed makes a strong and sporty companion as well as a good watchdog.  He is honest, straightforward, and has a reliable temperament.  He is affectionate and a devoted pet to his owners but very discerning about other people and can be downright sullen at times.  The Scottish Terrier tends to be a 1 or 2 person dog, very suspicious of strangers, and can be dog-aggressive.  He is not an ideal dog to have for a household with children.  Many Scotties were described as acting like irritable, grouchy people.  He may bark and dig if bored or left alone for too long.  Training should start from puppy hood and must be consistent and firm but not rushed or overbearing.  A Scottie tends to be passive-resistant, taking a head-in-the-sand attitude if pushed too hard or fast.  This breed may even bite if he feels that he is being treated unfairly.  Socialization is crucial as early as possible in order for him to be comfortable around other people.  Never spoil a Scottie because it will create a bossy, snippy, and potentially aggressive dog.

Size: The Scottie stands 9-10in at the shoulder and weighs between 18 and 22lb.

History and origin: The Scottish Terrier was once known as the Aberdeen Terrier and has existed in various forms for many centuries, but it was not until after 1800 that line breeding began.  The Scottie was first used in the Scottish Highlands as a ratter and a hunter of fox.  The first Scottish Terrier Club was formed in Scotland in 1892, when a standard was laid down for the breed.

Feeding: Recommended feeding for the Scottie is 1-1 ½ cans of a branded meaty product (13.3oz size) with added biscuit of the same amount or 3 cupfuls of a complete dry food.  Do not over feed a Scottie because he can put on weight easily and may cause his long and low frame to suffer structural problems.

Exercise: An apartment is suitable for the Scottie as long as he is walked several times per day.  This dog is very energetic and requires plenty of exercise.  He loves being outside and likes nothing better than running around while carrying a stick or a ball in his mouth.

Grooming: This breed has a coat that sheds a little and requires a daily brushing, especially his fine beard.  He also needs a clip every 3 months.  Show dogs are hand-stripped to preserve the texture and luster of the coat.