Adopting A Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel has a slightly elongated, low body, a domed head with a short muzzle that is blunt and cushioned, pendant ears, and a tail that sets high.  This breed is a happy and attractive small dog that is easily trained and makes an ideal family pet.  He has a very large heart and a bigger-than-life personality.  He is affectionate with his owner, playful with children but does not tolerate roughhousing, and suspicious of strangers.  He is a busy, alert, confident, intelligent, happy, and observant dog. The Tibetan Spaniel is a pleasing dog to show, resembling a somewhat large Pekingese.  He tends to bark a lot, sometimes stubborn and can be an uncooperative obedient student.  Housebreaking can also be difficult with this breed.  Patient and persistent training should begin early.  In addition, socialization is important and should start early to reduce the breed’s suspicious nature.  The Tibetan Spaniel wheezes and is susceptible to respiratory problems.  He also needs to be guarded against heatstroke.

Size: The Tibetan Spaniel stands 9-10in at the shoulder and weighs between 9 and 15lb.

History and origin: The Tibetan Spaniel was first discovered in the Tibetan monasteries.   He is an ancient pet that was also used as a watchdog.  His close relative is the Tibetan Terrier and Lhasa Apso, both of which also originated in Tibet.  He was developed with good vision and a loud bark to alert huge Mastiffs to a wolf intrusion into the sheep herd or to the approach of visitors.  This breed was first seen in England in 1905.

Feeding: Recommended feeding for the Tibetan Spaniel is ½ – 1 can (13.3oz size) of high quality meat product with biscuit added in equal amount or 1 ½ cupfuls or a dry complete food.  As with any other breed, make sure that he is getting fresh supply of drinking water.

Exercise: An apartment is adequate for this breed as long as he gets his daily exercise.  A daily walk is sufficient for this breed.  Potential owners should be aware that this dog barks a lot, which could cause a problem for apartment living.

Grooming: Daily brushing is required for this breed.  The Tibetan Spaniel has a long, silky shedding coat with an undercoat that grows through the outer coat and a long mane of hair surrounding the neck.