Adopting A Whippet

If you are looking for a dog that is affectionate, gentle, sporty, keeps himself clean, and performs very well on the track and/or in the show ring at the same time, then the Whippet is the perfect dog to add to your family.  He is an excellent watchdog, good with children, and looks extremely elegant, which also makes him a fine show dog.  He displays a peaceful temperament, although he can be somewhat nervous when taken to strange places.

Size: The ideal height for the male Whippet is 18 ½ in and the ideal height for the female Whippet is 17 ½ in.

History and origin: By looking at the Whippet, it is quite obvious that the Greyhound accounts for half of this breed’s make-up.  However, there is a controversy as to whether he was crossed with a Terrier, a Pharaoh Hound, or some other imported hound.  The Whippet has been widely known and popular in Britain since the start of the century and was exhibited at Crufts as early as 1897.  Five years later, the breed was recognized by the British Kennel Club.  This breed is also popular in the United States, where the standard allows for a slightly larger dog.  Other than a great companion and a popular show contender, this breed is also designed for racing and coursing, in which he does extremely well.

Feeding: Recommended feeding for the Whippet is ½ -1 can (13.3oz size) of high-quality meat product with biscuit added in equal part by volume or 1 ½ cupfuls of dry food.

Exercise: This breed is one of the fastest dogs that exist today.  He is a racer, capable of running at 35-40 miles an hour.  He can easily adapt to apartment living as long as he gets plenty of vigorous exercise.

Health care: Despite his delicate appearance, the Whippet is a strong and healthy dog.  He needs to be kept indoors and kept out of draughts.

Grooming: This breed generally requires minimal grooming, but the tail usually needs to be tidied up when performing in the show ring.  His teeth should be scaled regularly and his nails need regular clipping.