Adventures In The “Dog World”

By Hexen –

After a very busy weekend which started last Thrusday, cleaning the club house and judges room and Friday as well as Saturday with helping to set up tents tables and get everything in place for the Boxer show our club hosted, Sunday finially came and I had a little time along with my Customer/ friend to relax and look around at all the different boxers (108) that were partisipating in the show. I thought what a perfect time to get Uly out and work with him during all the goings on. This was sugguested by a lovely member of our dog club that said “Go get your boy so everyone can see what a REAL boxer looks like” ( as Uly is a perfect boxer speciman except for his missing (ah hum) EGG, ball/ testical.

My friend had her boxer pup on leash waiting for me to bring Uly into the practice field where 2 show rings were set up. We just wanted to walk around to let the dogs be exercised a little (Of course Uly had his prong collar on for a little extra control and I will get to that later).

I enter the field to stand next to my friend and another member stopped me to chat. As we were chatting this little Blue ( as was the color of her overly large jacket) person appears before me, out of no where she appeared! I think she must have been hiding underneth in the ground where I was standing with my friend as she popped out from nowhere like weeds appearing for the first signs of spring (at least it seemed).

At first I did not understand what she was saying to me, was it because no other dogs except for the ones in the show could be on the field? No this was not it as there were quite a few different breeds walking around the practice field also, a border collie, Bosten terrier, Shih Tzu ect…

then other dog club member dumbed it down into German that I could understand when I did not answer the little blue person back, by whispering at me, “How old is your dog?” the part about I am the “on site vet control” I understood. Then this little blue person starts to just let the questions fly at rappid fire at me, to which I could only replay “Bitte auf Englisch, “Please speak in english”? Wow did this throw the little blue aggressive person off, She just stopped cold with the rappid fire aggressive questions and looked at me like I had 3 heads! Once more I aksed when she did not speak Please in english!!! Then she pops off aggressivly again with (in German of course to which I did understand) “What vet docked your boxers tail?”

You cannot partake in the show with a boxer with cut tail unless it the dog comes with a letter of medical reasons why the tail had to be docked to which you must carry with you at all shows and competitions this letter. If a vet does dock a tail for no reason they can get into also a lot of trouble and have their practice licence taken away from them.

I just looked at her like the little blue idiot she was for Yelling at me and said quite aggressivly back “Ah hello stupid I am an american member here ,and my boxer is american bred boxer!!! They cut all boxers tails in america and I AM NOT PART TAKING IN THE SHOW!!!

She turned bright red and promptly disapeared back into the hole of which she climbed out of. I did not see her any more that day she must of have left the grounds pretty quickly. Of course to find out later that I was not the only one to take a little flack from her as the breed warden of our club also got into a small bit of trouble. You are supposed to have someone on the gate with a microchip reader to double check all registration papaers and chip numbers match for the dogs part taking at shows and competitions at your club ( Ooops their bad) Couple that with the breed warden tried to make an excuse for this little blue person by saying she was new this was her first show to “control” and she got over zelous to catch someone doing something wrong and illegal.

No matter I told everyone at the club that night as we all were celabrating drinking beer and wein (I am quickly finding out at we I think are the trouble makeing club, loud and boistrous and opinoinated out of them all).

Now to the prong collar, I am the “BAD AMERICAN”, perhaps the leader of Iran is correct and no one likes us anymore? (until of course they need our husbands and brothers and sisters in the armed forces to defend them in time of crisis).

I had 1 old guy (Oh He has been at our club a few times to practice and I can not wait to see him again) start to attack me because Uly had a prong collar on him Sunday of course this was after he commented what a FINE looking boxer he was to be followed by, “Oh you are so crewl, that collar gives the dog PAIN!” “Go take it off of him right now!” I said “No it does not give the dog pain it is just a little extra control, if he had pain or mental anxeity from the prong collar, every time I corrected him by poping the leash he would have cowered down ears back whiened cryed ect”… “Oh you americans have no knowledge” he finishes off with as he could see I gave 2 rats asses about his opinion!

Yes I am the bad american with the E collar and prong collar!!! As another by stander old man (the father of one of our club members actually I had no idea at the time) Started to also comment about take the rpong collar off of him you do not need it! Of course he also followed that up with “Deine hund felt mir an” Which would loosley translate into “the looks of your dog I really like!”

Of course I know for the obedience tests I cannot compete with prong on but lucky for me the master trainer thinks the same as I do train every day with the prong collar on and only take it off for the tests as the dog must think the collar is always on him. As for the other trouble… At least I had a for warning that in April we are possibly to expect that a vet will show up to be making sure about chip numbers matching registration papaers and I should carry with me that day a copy of Ulys’ American AKC PAPERS to defend his docked tail.

All in all I did find out that when my next pup comes there is a way to register him as being out of country to beable to partake in normal dog shows with him haivng a cropped tail. Now this makes me want my next pup even more and I cannnot wait!