Ankle Biting

I have a five month-old Maltese and I’m having a problem with him nipping at my ankles and pulling on my pant legs. Also could I use a pinch collar on him? He only weighs 4lbs.

Thanks for any help you can give me. Regards, Marie

Dear Marie,

By biting your ankles and pulling your pant legs, he is asking for attention. I find it hard to think that he is trying to dominate you at this age, so the behavior is probably more related to attention. You need to eliminate this behavior verbal correction IN CONJUNCTION WITH grabbing the scruff of his neck and giving a firm pull.

If it’s easier, use a prong collar on because the collar only pinches the skin instead of constricting against the neck. While they are very hard to find in conventional pet stores, they are available online and can be found by typing “micro prong collar” into a search engine. It will help you communicate with your dog in a way he understands. However, it’s unlikely.