Appreciating The Experience Of Training Your Dog

Most people think of basic obedience training for dogs as a series of commands that the dog, reluctantly, learns to execute. On one level, this is accurate.

However, before we begin the mechanics of teaching specific commands, let’s look for a moment beyond training as being just the dog learning a series of orders.

Underneath it all, the very important lesson your dog is learning is that he must do what you tell him to, where you tell him to do it, when you tell him to do it, and as long as you say he should do it.

Many dogs are trained in the sense that they will respond mechanically to certain words but they have not gotten this all-important message. Without the message, training can resemble a series of tricks that the dog performs.

With the message, the dog works. He knows more than just what position to assume with his physical form when he hears a command. He understands your position as alpha dog. He enjoys his role as educated dog. His appearance is intelligent and alert.

We train our dogs to that deeper level where they work with grace, where one command can flow into the next with ease and understanding. If you think education is expensive, you’re right. It will cost you time. But the results will be worth it because you will have much more than an obedient dog.