Bark Collar or Electronic Collar – Which One Is Best For You

I have a dog, BIG dog, that barks at birds, squirrels, little children riding on bikes, etc. He is 1/2 Labrador, 1/2 Springer Spaniel with plenty of energy, almost 5 years old. He sounds mean when he barks, but not a mean dog. I have had a PetSafe shock collar for him, and he seems to wear out the batteries quickly–possibly due to poor contact as it loosens easily.

I’m looking for a shock bark collar with a remote control, water-resistant, and definitely rechargeable. Would the Dogtra 200NCP be a heavy-duty enough, adjustable collar and shock strength for my dog, who is 105 lbs and doesn’t seem fazed by the current PetSafe basic model, or would the Dogtra 2000NC be necessary to train him not to bark so constantly? Which collar would you recommend? If we don’t get his barking under control, (and he is not a mean dog, just loud) the sheriff may have to remove him from our home–we have a neighbor with a very low tolerance level for dogs and their barking.

Thank you so much for your advice! Sue Dear Sue: The 200 is powerful enough. But this is not the tool that you want, as you’re going to be inconsistent in not making sure that your dog receives a correction when you’re not home. A good bark collar is an amazing thing! But what you need is a QUALITY bark collar. The Petsafe products (from what my clients tell me) are mostly junk. So it doesn’t surprise me that yours doesn’t work very well. Go with the Dogtra bark collar, or the Tri Tronics Bark Limiter.