Bulldog has a House Training Problem

Dear Adam: We have a house training issue:We got an English bulldog in Dec 2003. We received her as a gift from my in-laws. She is 2 ½ yrs old.

Since we got her, she pees and poops in the house. When she goes outside, we praise her, and sometimes it does wonders but she will only go when she feels like it. She pees in her crate almost everyday. It is getting to the point that my husband is ready to get rid of her. She has the best temperament and is a great dog.

We have another dog, a 1 ½ yr old beagle who used to pee in her crate but once we got Mattie (the English Bulldog) I don’t know what to do. We love her and show her attention but we cannot continue to have this problem. Is there anything you can recommend? We are so desperate. My in-laws said this was never a problem with them and they even had water left in her crate when they were gone. We don’t since this is a problem.

She is left out of her crate more now with us than when she lived with them. I thought all the attention would help, but I don’t see that happening. Please help me not to lose my dog. Thanks, Susan

Dear Susan: First, take your bulldog to your veterinarian and first rule out a bladder or urinary tract infection or any other type of illness.

Second, you haven’t mentioned how long you’re leaving your dog in the crate.

If you’re putting her in the crate at 7am and leaving for work, and then not returning home until 6pm, then you don’t have a dog problem. You need to hire a dog walker or pet sitter who can stop by in the middle of the afternoon and let the dog out. Assuming points #1 and #2 are non-issues, I highly recommend you read my article, Housebreaking in a Hurry! Do not neglect any of the five steps!!!