Dog Food and Health Issues

Dog Ailments

Dogs can suffer from similar ailments that we get as we age, including arthritis and pain in the joints. Some breeds of dogs are more prone than others to getting certain ailments and you need to be aware of the possible problems that your particular breed of dog might get as it grows older. By …

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Junk Foods for Dogs

There has been a marked deterioration in the general health of dogs since the introduction of processed dog foods. Many of these foods offer very little nutritional value but it is their convenience and the fact that they have added flavors that ensure our pets get delight in eating them that have increased the sales …

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The Best Dog Food

Choosing The Best Dog Food: It is important that you select the correct food for your dog. With all the fancy packaging and advertising that is available these days it can be difficult determining what food is best for your dog. The manufacturers prepare food based on the age of your dog, and the food …

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