Competition Training.

By Hexen –

Wow why does this have to happen to me!

There were 4 dogs taking the test yeaterday. One lady says a few weeks ago MY dog can only walk the test with male dogs on the field.
O.k your dog should listen and work on the field reguardless of what sex is also on the field.

I made my opinion known that for Uly, it does not matter male or female on the field. So the master trainer tried her dog with another male boxer taking the test. Her dog ran over to this other male and was trying to play with him while he was doing his down stay. So I got stuck with her and her dog on the field when Uly works.

So onto the test…….
Uly was the first to walk, He did O.k, but it seems my new found way of reward of carrying his toy under my chin and just dropping directly into his mouth has made a few “easy fixable” mistakes. He now will swing his butt out away from me at an angle waiting for his bite wurst reward to drop to him.

He walked nicely though.

So then it was his turn to do the timed down stay( which during practice is usually complete but whiney). He was not so willing to lay all the way down for the test, and thankfully the judge let me give one extra command (from a distance) which Uly did comply.

The other lady starts to walk the test. The dog was actually doing better then most times during practice, She made it through the group with out wandering about and trying to greet the 4 people making up the group.

Then came the sit and down while in motion. The sit was good, the judge was nice and let her retry the down after the first attempt failed. The dog did go down with help of a finger pointing downward. She recalled her dog and for 1/2 the recall the dog showed good willingness to return to the owner! 1/2 way down the field the dog stopps, looks around and gets that perverbiable wild hair up it’s butt and takes off doing “catch me if you can”.

Uly THANKFULLY stayed all the way down and while this little witch was running all over the place he was interrested, but stayed in 1 spot. The judge noticed how well he was doing and motioned me to go and stand back by his side with leash on him while they try to contain the wild beast, as he could see Uly watching this dog and wanting to break and follow suit (But he did not). The lady gets her dog back under control they then stop the test.

I thought automatic failure for this lady. Nope her dog passed (Yes I was a bit ticked off) as the judge was speaking to me about what needed improvment he commented how while the other dog was running around Uly was quiet and all the way down.

I piped in with “And for that fact alone, I should be awarded an extra point for the difficulty of the situation”! Yes he did award me that extra point! (Maybe I should have asked for 2 or 3 extra points?)

All in all Uly did do better then the first test. but he still needs alot of work.