Cost Efficient High Quality Dog Food

In an earlier newsletter I talked about allergies and how many of these are related to the food that your dog eats. This is due to all the filler, colors and preservatives that the dog food manufacturers put into the processed dog foods that are sold through the stores.

There is a solution if you have a dog that has food allergies and it is not only a cost effective way to feed your dog but it can also add to the quality of your dogs health. Creating your own dog food and dog treats might be the best solution for your dog’s allergies.

Even if your dog doesn’t have food allergies you can often see an improvement in the health of a dog by changing to homemade treats that don’t have all the harmful additives of the dog food you will buy over the counter. You will also have full control over the ingredients that you use for your food preparation and you can eliminate any foods that you already know your dog is allergic to.

If you are still unsure of the food that your dog might be allergic to you can add and delete the various different foods until you eliminate those that cause negative reactions and only use food that your dog is comfortable eating.

While it might be difficult determining exactly what is in the dog food that you buy from the store you will always know exactly what your dog is eating if you prepare the food yourself. You can create the food fresh and in the quantities that you require rather than rely on the portions that are determined by the manufacturers.

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