Crate Training Problems – Dog Poops in His Crate

We recently got a four month-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel. We can’t seem to housebreak him. I’ve tried what your book and tape say to do. He goes # 2 in his crate. I have been doing what you suggest, but would like some advice on the crate issue.

Thank you. -Brenda Dear Brenda: The best solution to this problem is to build an outdoor kennel run on grass or pea gravel so that the dog can get reconditioned to eliminate on this flooring substance and not in the crate. Otherwise, when you take him outside to go to the bathroom, you might have to wait longer to get a bowel movement.

If the dog is on a schedule, make sure you get him outside after he is finished eating. If standing around waiting for him to go isn’t getting you anywhere, you might try some light play or take a walk around the yard. Exercise has the effect of bowel stimulation. When he defecates, make sure to praise him well.

You might have to spend 10-15 minutes outside encouraging him to potty, but when he does, it is worth it. If you have an outdoor kennel run or even a securely fenced yard, give him less time in the crate and have him either be under your supervision in the house or out in the kennel. If you have not done this already, you should also clean the crate with an enzyme cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle to eliminate all traces of the feces.