Do Our Pets Really Suffer From Anxiety Seperation?

By Leah Kay –

Here is a question you pet owners need to ask yourselves-Do We as your Pets really miss you when you are not around? I can speak for myself; YES! I really, really miss my mommy and daddy when they are not here. I can handle being alone for maybe an hour or so, but any longer than that, I want them back with me!

Shouldn’t my mom and dad be focusing ALL of their energy towards me? I mean, when they go, shouldn’t I be going with them? And why can’t I go-what harm is it if I just tag along; at least I would be with them 24/7. Don’t pet owners get us for companions?

When my mom and dad go and leave me alone, I try my best to really behave. But after a bit I get bored with them not being here, so I get creative. It started out innocent. One day they left their socks in my sight and reach, so I played a trick on them. I took their sock and hid them. I knew where they were, so when they got home, I would just grab those socks and run. I made them chase me around and before we knew it; it became a game of “Catch Me If You Can”.

Now, the socks got boring, so I went after their extra pair of shoes. Again the same game was played. All fun-for a while. Heck even they would laugh and allow me to have my fun. Then one day I carried it just a bit too far and I got “hungry”, so I decided to eat the inside of my daddy’s shoe-well I didn’t see anything wrong with that; it was an old pair of shoes. WRONG!! When they got home, I got punished and sent to my kennel. After a few times of that, I got the hing-NO MORE SHOES!!

So now it’s time to work on mommy’s chair. WRONG!! They didn’t even think that was funny, and once again I got punished and sent to my kennel.

What’s not fair about this whole ordeal, what use to be fun and games are no longer. It’s their fault for allowing me to get away with it in the beginning, now I have to pay for their errors. They should have taught me right from the very beginning. I guess we all learn the hard way.

Well now that I have learned my lesson, I no longer go after shoes or the furniture, but I’m not done yet….Mom leaves an inhaler by the bed for at nighttime-well again I was left alone for a while and once again I got bored, so I found her inhaler-WRONG!! Now I have really done it. Not only was I punished and put in the kennel. Mom and Dad now said I went to far and I can no longer be trusted to be left home alone. oh by the way, I’m okay-I didn’t get any of the medicine into my tiny little system.

So they rushed out and bought a bigger kennel for me. Mom doesn’t like the closed in ones, so they have agreed on one that is a wire coated kennel. I have room to stretch a little, have a bed and my water in there. Whether it’s for a short time or a long period of time, I am put in this kennel, no more freedom for me when they are not around-DARN!

They tell me I am more destructed now that I’m over a year old than what I was when I was only 9 months old. I think it’s because it goes back what I said in the beginning. I’m around my mom and dad a whole bunch and when they leave, I really, really miss them. So I try to play with their stuff to I don’t feel so alone.

I know they need a little break from me and I know that I can’t go some places with them. But that still don’t make it easy for me. They really take good care of me, and I enjoy being around them; specially when I can make them laugh!

Don’t tell my parents, but I really like my new kennel. I feel safe and secure. Yeah, I miss getting into mischief, but I also know that eventually I’m liable to get a hold of something that really could hurt me, and I think I have put them through enough with some of my other scared tactics.

So to all of you pet lovers. Even though we may do something that is very funny and hilarious, take the time and think about if it’s going to hurt us. It’s not fair to us when you allow us to get away with one thing, and then the next day you punish us for doing the exact same thing. Don’t send us mix signals. I’m sure any dog trainers reading this, would scold my parents…(and it would serve them right!)