Does Your Dog Have Allergies

Just like their owners, dogs can suffer from allergies too. Some of these allergies can be related to the foods that they eat where some of the cheaper brands of dog food have coloring and preservatives that can cause allergic reactions.

If this is the case then it is a process of eliminating those foods that have the ingredients that cause the reactions. This is not always as easy as it might seem as it can take quite some time to find which particular ingredient is the culprit.

By buying the better premium quality dog foods you are less likely to have these problems or alternatively if you only feed your dog fresh meat and some vegetables rather than processed foods that should help.

Most of the cheap dog foods use grain products as a filler and these are often the cause of the dog’s problems. These food allergies can result in your dog scratching their skin, which can also cause more problems with infections. Just as we would be very uncomfortable with an allergy that makes us constantly want to itch our skin, allergies can make a dogs life miserable. Aside from the allergies affecting skin sensitivities your dog could also develop coughing, discharge from the nose and eyes, hair loss and breathing problems.

There are many more symptoms that can arise and these are just a few. If you notice any changes in your dog when they have a change in diet then it will pay to take a note of the ingredients of that product to see what is in it that could be making your dog feel unwell. Dogs can also get allergies from dust mites just as humans would and it is always necessary to ensure that your dog lives in a clean environment even if they are an outdoor pet by regularly cleaning their cage or kennel.

Fleas are another concern for dogs and they can lead to excessive licking, particularly around the tail, which can ultimately lead to hair loss and sores. It is very easy for your vet to see if your dog has fleas if you are unable to do so yourself and there are simple solutions to eliminate fleas. Dogs can also get varying skin diseases and some breeds are more susceptible than others.

There are many good lotions and antibiotic pills that can be administered by your vet to control this and the sooner you get these problems seen to the better as they can lead to more intensive skin problems if left unattended.

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