Does Your Dog Slobber Water?

Whether or not your dog slobbers water really depends on the shape and structure of the your dog’s mouth, lips and jaw. One of our discussion forum members brings up this interesting topic when she asks:

“I have a Alaskan Malamute, 1 year-old, and when he drinks water from his dish he sticks his whole nose in the water and then slobbers all over while he’s walking away and gets the floor soaked. Is there a solution to this problem?”

Adam replied, “Unfortunately… not really. It’s one of the joys of owning a large dog breed. You might try variations in bucket/dish size, placing it on a raised platform, and using a tarp/placemat under the bowl. Or putting the water dish outside. My understanding is that this has a lot to do with the structure and design of the head. It’s not really a behavior issue.” Cherie added, “Putting a towel under the water dish can help a little as long aas the dog doesn’t decide to pushe the towel ends into the dish.

Think of this as one of the fun things about having dogs. Believe it or not, you will actually miss the water all over the floor one day. You can also be thankful that Malamutes are dry-mouthed and that they don’t tend to try and swim in the water dish. Enjoy many years with your pup.” Smirnoff countered, “My Mastiff is a Dogue De Bordeaux…so I think I win hands down on the slobbery dog stakes! He actually leave his slobber slime in the water after he has had a drink, but I reckon he holds at least one pint of water in his flobbery chops, so even after drying his mouth with a towel he trails slobbery water every where! My solution was a carpet square under the water bowl and installing a wooden floor and having a mop ready.

My Rottie likes to blow bubbles in the water bowl as well, so I’ve pretty much accepted that a dog in the house doesn’t stay a clean house for long! Sassy Lassie adds, “My young collie makes such a noise when drinking her water, like smacking her lips together- nothing ladylike at all! And she loves to blow bubbles too, putting her entire snout into the water before looking up and then planting a big wet kiss on you!”

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