Dog Ailments

Dogs can suffer from similar ailments that we get as we age, including arthritis and pain in the joints.

Some breeds of dogs are more prone than others to getting certain ailments and you need to be aware of the possible problems that your particular breed of dog might get as it grows older.

By giving your dog a warm place to lie when it sleeps you might be able to ward off arthritic pain. By keeping the body weight down to acceptable levels for dogs that are prone to overeating and weight gain might stop your dog from developing other symptoms that can affect the quality of life.

It is far better to control things that can affect the dogs health during the course of their life than to make them, and you, pay for ill health as they age. According to many dog experts our pets should be living for a lot longer than the current life expectancies that we have come to accept.

With good medication we can expect to enjoy more years with our dogs but it is just as easy to add many quality years to their life by ensuring that they get the optimum nutrition and suitable living standards during the course of their life. Most dogs are very hardy but even they will benefit from additional comforts and care.  

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