Dog Chewing – Dog Chewed Up Her Dog Training Book

I ordered your book on July 13, 1999. Invoice #977

Cheryl [address and last name deleted].

Things were going good reading your book and then THE DOG ATE IT. Now I am still having problems with him chewing papers and socks. I don’t remember my password to your web site but I do still have the paper receipt. Could you please send me my password so I can get to the book on-line?

Thank you,

Dear Cheryl:

Thanks for the e-mail. I’ve sent the info. to your private e-mail address.

Remember one of my cardinal rules:

If you cannot keep one eye on your dog and one eye on whatever else you’re doing… your dog MUST BE CONFINED… until he proves that he is reliable and respects the house rules.

3 thoughts on “Dog Chewing – Dog Chewed Up Her Dog Training Book”

  1. My sons dog is chewing up everything, extension cords, plastic bowls, you name it. His gym shoes, she pulls the shoe strings out of the shoes but doesn’t chew the shoes. We can’t seem to stop this. We are afraid she will chock on something. So he puts her out in the dog run while he is gone. But now she is one year old and it is cold. (17 degrees) She has a dog house that is insulated with her own recessed light with a 100 watt bulb. We feel bad for her, but don’t know what to do.

    She also gets so excited when you come home or I stop over and for 20 minutes she jumps up constantly and will tap your head or face. She doesn’t really hurt you but we have tried to discourage this and it doesn’t work. When she has the control collar on, she will stop quickly, but we would like her to not have to use the collar. It is really the collar that you use on a dangerous dog and she wouldn’t bite you for anything. She is just strong willed. She is part Izbehan hound and can run like a rabbit and jump 5 feet in the air. She is so much fun in the yard when we play, but you have to watch her because she took my legs out from under me and didn’t even stop. lol. So can you help us. We want her to be able to stay in the house.

    Thank you
    Christine witham

  2. My lab is chewing her dog house. My husband built it out of wood and she started pulling the slats off and chewing them. We get her chew toys but it is like giving her milk bones. The last one was a thick rope with rubber around the middle and before we knew it she was pooping string.

  3. We have a chihuahua , male, that is about 3 months old. He keeps chewing on the furniture cushions, what do you suggest?

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