Dog Chewing: My Experience With The Nuts For Knots Dog Chew Toy

Alright, this isn’t an actual “training tip” per se, but it is relevant. I was in California last week and picked up a couple of dog toys while I was there. I generally like the rope toys. They last a long time, they’re relatively cheap, and they are a good way for your dog to relieve stress and anxiety by chewing.

Trust me… there’s nothing I hate more than spending $7 on a dog toy, only to have one of the dogs chew through my $7 in less than 30 seconds. Well, I was impressed when I saw the “Nuts For Knots” dog toy at my local big box pet store. If you’re not familiar with this toy, they look like this:

The price wasn’t too bad, and I figured that this toy would hold up even better than the normal rope toy.

Not so. “Clemenza,” our Team bulldog/boxer-mix mascot had the darn thing unraveled in under 4 minutes.

Oh, well. Live and learn and pass it on.

For the money, I think there are better toys.

Allison adds: “I got one of those rope balls at the Dollar Store, and my dog (who usually destroys toys immediately) LOVES it – AND it has held up. She was making it her mission to “de-fuzz” any tennis balls we used to play with her. She loves to play fetch, but we didn’t want her eating all that tennis ball fuzz, so this was perfect. She’ll fetch for awhile, or play by herself and fling the ball – chase after it, then chew it for awhile. Maybe the dollar store version is more rugged? Who knows – just thought I’d pass it along. -Allison”