Dog Figured Out the Leash Lengths

Our Panda learns quickly, however, she is a bit smarter than we can outwit. She figured out leash lengths so we have mixed that up, but now she knows when she has the pinch collar on she’s working and she will listen. Without it, it’s hit and miss. I’ve tried putting the collar on whenever I’m home and randomly doing things with her to keep her on her toes. But as soon as you go outside — she will test to see if she’s connected to the pinch or regular collar (I tried this also to mix it up). What do you suggest now?

Thanks, Sue

Dear Sue: The solution to your problem is that you need to ONLY let her outside when she is on the line, every time & for the next 5 – 6 months. (It would normally be a shorter period of time, but you’ve inadvertently taught her to be collar/leash smar — as you’ve correctly assessed.) Eventually, she will try to not respond — while she’s wearing the long line — and this is when you’ll really need to “nail” her for it. Also, it sounds as if your dog is repeatedly testing you on the same issues. This tells me that you’re not correcting her firmly enough, the first time.

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