Dog Owner Needs Motivation To Train Her Dog The Right Way

“Dear Adam: I’ve been going back and forth, trying to decide what dog obedience training method to go with to train my 5 month old Boxer.

I have been taking her to a positive Motivation class. I agree with a lot that she says but I also question a lot of her methods. She says it will take 2 years to train her and you need to constantly be feeding it dog snacks.

My dog is becoming obsessed with getting goodies. Plus, I work full time and have a 10 year old and 2 year old. I don’t have the time it takes to train this method.

Here’s my problem. I’m just scared of this prong collar. I don’t want it to hurt my puppy. I know all the intellectual answers, that if I use it correctly it will be OK, but then my maternal instincts kick in and this collar scares me. Can you give me some encouragement. I have not yet opened the material. [An earlier edition of this book.] Thanks for any help you can give me. – Kathy.”

Dear Kathy: Just imagine how much fun you’ll have when– in a few weeks– you can take your dog with you anywhere you go… and know that she’ll listen to you! And imagine how envious your friends in the ‘cookie-training’ class will be when you tell them about how free your dog is, and how all of your family and ‘non-dog’ friends love her so much, because she’s, “So well behaved.” And just think about how much MORE your dog will LOVE YOU because you will now be providing the type of leadership and decision making qualities that will allow her to RELAX and know that you are taking care of her!

Imagine a point in the future… say, six months from now… looking back on today… the day you decided to properly use the pinch collar and the rest of my techniques… and saw it as the beginning of such a wonderful relationship you will now have with your dog! And realizing that it all came from the techniques you learned from my dog training package!