Dog Throws Tantrum to Avoid Correction

I have a 5 1/2 month old Bloodhound. I use a pinch collar. Otis wears the collar all the time when I am with him. Otis is normally tied to my chair on a 10 foot lead in the living room, as not to get into trouble. After being outside and it’s time to be tied up again, I call him and he thinks that I will be correcting him and runs the other direction.

When I get to him and touch the collar (no correction), he rolls on his back, spins on the floor and acts as if I were going to hang him. What am I doing wrong? Regards, Linda Dear Linda, Two things:

#1: When you DO correct him, you’re making too much of a production out of grabbing the leash, pulling it out, etc… and then correcting him. Instead, just grab at the snap, slide your hand down 6″ and give a tug, all in one smooth motion, before the dog even knows what happened.

#2: Practice going to the dog, grabbing the leash, and reaching down and giving him a cookie. This will break the negative association. Do this at random times for a period of two weeks.

#3: If he’s already on his back, just stand there casually and wait for him to finish throwing his tantrum. Do not pull the leash, etc…. Just stand, with a loose leash and wait. When he’s done, walk him around a little bit.