Dog Trainer Loses Finger

I received this e-mail, last week. I don’t know this guy– nor do I know anything about his methods. Therefore, I cannot recommend his approach. A quick glance at his web site would suggest some minor confusion over the difference between “punishing” a dog and “correcting” a dog. Although I
guess it depends on whether you’re using the confusing academic
lingo which incorporates concepts such as, “positive and negative

In any event, you’ve gotta admire this guy’s sense of humor! I think that this e-mail is especially important for anyone who’s thinking of becoming a professional dog trainer. If you think that you can go through a 6-week mail order course and become a “certified professional dog trainer” and this should make you think twice.

Here’s the e-mail:

” Wow!! Well, after 30 years of working with dogs that try to rip me apart (I am a trainer that specializes in the treatment of unwanted dog aggression) I finally lost a finger. I turned my back at the wrong moment and WHAM! The moment I put my guard down, the dog jumped me and off came the finger.

Funny thing, I always thought it would hurt much more, but it didn’t. It felt as if my hand had been suddenly hit with a blast of cold air. You can imagine my horror when I saw that my finger was gone.

After a day in the hospital, the bloody doctors caused me more pain than the dog, I have returned to work and have every intention to rehabilitate the savage dog that took my finger. So, as you can imagine, I am no stranger when it comes to dealing with problem dogs.”