Dog Trainers And A Lack Of Common Sense

Why don’t you really make it a “Challange” and make it six months and then see which group of dogs enjoy it more? That would be really interesting. I see nothing wrong with taking some time to spend training my dog. Anyone who doesn’t have patience shouldn’t own a dog.

– Marilyn

Adam replies:

Perfect! I love it!!! Heck… why don’t we make it 10 years???

Sure, if you have NO LIFE… then fine. Take 6 months to do a task that can take any skilled trainer only 10 minutes. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. Makes perfect sense to me. — Not!!!!

Last week my Toyota truck started to make a rattling noise that was coming from the engine compartment. I took it to the dealer who promtly told me that it would take 10 days to figure out what it was, and then to fix it.

So I left and took my truck to a mechanic down the street named Sven. Sven is a Swedish guy who owns his own garage (and a 110 pound German Sheperd dog named Hauntz).

Sven popped the hood open and spent about 4 minutes looking at the engine, He reached inside, tightened a bolt and then turned to me and said, “There you go. It’s fixed.”

Sven didn’t even charge me.

When searching for an approach to dog training (or anything in life for that matter), find a guy who gets results like Sven. Not some one with no logic like Marilyn.