Dog Training Tips For The Dog Collar and Leash

It is important that every dog learns to feel comfortable with a collar and lead, as this will be required when taking the dog to public places.

Walking your dog with a collar and lead is a basic and important skill otherwise you will be one of those people where the dog takes them for a walk and they are forever straining to hold the dog back from running away. The bigger the dog, the bigger the problem.

Even if your dog is extremely well trained it is unwise to take it out without a collar and lead as accidents can happen. The dog might get scared from unexpected noise or another dog might attract its attention and it could run off. If the dog is in new surroundings it could also get spooked by new noises and run off without thinking. Having a collar with good identification will help you to locate your dog should it ever go missing so this is an important safety factor that we all hope we never have to rely on.

You must always choose a collar that your dog will feel comfortable with as it will be wearing it a lot of the time and you can’t even start leash training until your dog has become accustomed to the collar. On puppies it is not unusual for them to try to remove the collar when they first start wearing it.

It is best to simply ignore your puppy and they will soon get used to wearing it. You can help by distracting it with toys or playing with it so it forgets that it is even wearing a collar. Once your dog has accepted wearing the collar you can begin leash training.