Dog Training Videos – Samples Of Adam’s Full Length Dog Training Videos

For years, clients begged me to put out my own dog training videos.  After I started South Bay K-9 Academy back in the mid-90’s, word started to spread, fast.  Especially with the advent of the internet, I began getting calls from prospective clients in other states who would ask if I could come to their house and train their dog.

I was flattered, but I’ve always hated traveling.  If I’m going to travel, I prefer to stay there for at least several months like I did when I lived in Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

As the video revolution was well under way, it just made sense to get a camcorder and start recording what I was doing so that dog owners in other cities, states and countries could use the very same dog training techniques I had spent years collecting.

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“Watch These Short Samples
Of My Full Length Dog Training Videos”

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“Used copies of these dog training videos
have sold for more than $120 each, on Ebay!”

dog training videosThese are different than what you may have seen on Youtube.  These were the original full length dvds (and vhs videos) we used to sell back when I owned South Bay K-9 Academy.  I filmed these by working with real clients.  I’d hand them my video camera and then say, “Watch this!”  So, when you watch these videos you’re getting the real deal.  No Disney effects, and no camera editing magic.

These were sold individually as DVDs for $49.95 each.  But you can watch them in their entirety today when you get “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!”

Boundary, Perimeter and Property Training (In No Time At All!)


How To Teach Your Dog To Come (Every Time You Call Him!)


How To Teach Your Dog To Hold A “Down-Stay” (Until You Tell Him To Get Up!)


Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash (In Less Than 10 Minutes)


Housebreaking In A Hurry!


You can watch the full length version of these videos when you download Adam’s book, “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!”