Dog Wets When She Gets Excited

I read the book. Here’s my question. My dog wets on the spot when ever she gets excited about seeing someone. Every time I or my daughter go outside, she wets herself as she is trying to greet us. She’s potty trained and knows where she needs to go eliminate. My friend owned her. She was an indoor dog that ended up being an outdoor dog.

My friend didn’t know how to train her out of doing this. I got her because I don’t mind having an outdoor dog. She does not have a bladder problem (it was ruled out by a vet). I would still like to train her out of this since she gets her pee all over our feet if we are not quick enough.

– Yolanda Dear Yolanda: You have not mentioned the dog’s age. It’s my guess that she’s still young. This behavior is known as submissive urination. Even though the dog may or may not be showing overt submissive body language. This is one of those few behaviors that most dogs will actually “grow out of,” upon reaching maturity.

Usually between one to two years of age. If the dog is older and is still exhibiting this behavior, there are three things you can do to reduce the likelihood that she will sprinkle: – Start the dominance building exercises, as described in my book. – Be aware of your body language when your first walk into the yard. Do not bend over the dog. In fact, you might try ignoring the dog for the first 10 minutes you are in the yard. – Start feeding the dog hot dogs, from a standing-upright position. Have house guests do the same.