Exercising With My Dog

daisyhusky428 writes to me:

So I read on the GRCA website that you aren’t supposed to jog with your golden retriever until it is 2 years old.

so these are my questions:

1.Should goldens be 2 years old before you take them jogging?
2.How old do standard poodles need to be before you take them jogging?
3.How old do miniature poodles need to be before you take them jogging?
4.How old does a labradors need to be before you take them jogging?
5..Can you jog with a small breed(20lbs) dog before a large breed dog (70lbs)?

Adam replies:


1, 2: The breed doesn’t matter, unless you were looking into the Giant Breeds — in which case I’d tell you: “Don’t jog with them.” Otherwise, my advice is the same: Wait until the dog is full grown. About a year old. Pay attention to your dog. Use common sense. It’s not like driving a Honda on a busy highway, where you can’t tell what’s going on under the hood. Use common sense. You won’t “break” the dog. I promise.

3: If you want a dog to jog with, don’t get a miniature poodle.

4. See 1,2.

5. No.

daisyhusky428 responds:

Thanks! because I was considering not getting a golden because of that.
Okay so when a puppy starts jogging after its one year old is there a limit to the mileage like don’t go past 4 miles until they are older or something? When you start jogging you slowly work them up to longer distances right? Like add 1/2 a mile every week or two?

Adam replies:

Daisy: You just go, according to what the dog tells you.