How To Get Fast Dog Training Results

Want to know how to get fast dog training results?

Actually, it’s the very same dog training secret you need to know to have a successful relationship with your spouse, your kids, your parents and your friends.

Fast Dog Training Results?
Have I Got Your Attention?

Are you wondering:  What one thing could it be?  What one “element” could possibly be so powerful that it can completely change my relationship with my dog, my spouse, my children, and my parents and friends?

fast dog training

Aretha Franklin knew the answer: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Without respect, you can’t even begin to expect that your dog will listen to you, anywhere you go.

Forget about fancy techniques and tricks to get your dog to obey.

Without respect, your dog will do none of it.  (And the same for your spouse, you kids, etc…)

Hint: Gaining Your Dog’s Respect
Is The Key To Getting Fast Dog Training Results

Respect is something that you cannot simply “ask” for.  It must be demanded.  It is an invisible aspect that other animals (including humans) immediately sense.  However, when dealing with other animals that have a tendency to be more dominant, sometimes they will test you to see if you really deserve the R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

But let’s stick with dogs for now.  So, how do dogs do this?

There are literally hundreds of ways:

  • Reading your body language and how you carry yourself.
  • By seeing if you give a command once, and then make your dog do it
    immediately, if they don’t instantly respond.
  • By correcting disrespectful and rude behavior when it happens…
    and not rewarding it, ignoring it, or letting it fester.
  • By being the one who goes first, and is the first to reach for
    the prize.  Remember: the lead dog always gets the best of
    everything.  As a good leader, he may choose to share it with his
    pack, but he is always the one who makes that decision.  If another
    dog sees him not being the decision maker, then the other dogs will
    lose its respect.
  • Etc., etc, etc…

But the most important way to get fast dog training results is to show your dog that you’re willing and able to enforce every command — and do this until your dog is 100% responsive.

3 thoughts on “How To Get Fast Dog Training Results”

  1. we just got a american bulldog mix with mastiff and do you have any tips on training him . he is 10 weeks old .

  2. Hi Adam We have a mixed breed pup (rescued)not sure what mix maybe a bit of yorky? She is around 5 months and very disobedient she is managing to get out of the garden sometimes and strait on to a fairly busy road .She was seconds from being run over to day and it took me a long time to get her to come back My husband was all for punishing her as he was so angry . Iam at my wits end with the whole thing ,as I write this she is in her cage (punishment) Think we are to old to deal with a lively pup and it is causing a lot of friction between us,
    Just needed to write this as Ido not know how to go on with her training and do not feel that Iam getting any where.
    This near accident has scared us a lot

  3. I have an 8 year old Australian Shephard/Lab/Rott mix, and she has a nasty habit of urniating on my bed or couch when she is upset with me. I have tried punishing her but it does not seem to work. She is an inside dog I leave newspaper out on the bathroom floor for her and she is normally very good about going on there, but when she gets upset with me such as when I have to work late or forget to leave the radio playing for her she goes on my stuff. What can I do to fix this problem? She is also aggressive with strangers and some dogs, do you thing getting her a companion would help with this issue? Sometimes I worry she is lonely.

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