Gone to the Dogs

By Latifah Abdul’laah —

Friday, Sep 05, 2008 11:58 – 
I have gone to the Dawgz.My two little lovelies Kali and Jennie. Kali is a wonderful purebred Japanese Chin and Jennie is a Chion, Chihuahua/Papillin mix.

Having owned cats the majority of my life, I didn’t fully understand the love and companionship that my dogs were going to bring me. I always had the perception of dogs being stupid and cats being smarter, but I just didn’t understand dogs. My Jennie puts the smartest cat to shame. She only needs one correction and doesn’t repeat the behavior because she is so eager to please. Kali is a smart cookie too, but her beginning was different from Jennie’s. Kali came from a hobby breeder and Jennie was a shelter dog.

Dogs are like the best companions. Kali like a cat that listens and comes when called. Jennie is just a little love bug that always wants to be held. I can’t imagine what life would be without them.

Always consider a rescue or shelter dog, they need homes and love too. And from personal experience, shelter dogs are so eager to please and be a part of the family.

Until next time,