Gotta Love The Light Bulb Moments!

By Hexen Suzi Jones –

The past week current week and comming week are very relaxed in the way of training for us at the club. I finially asked what type of work the Master trainer does for a living as the European Meistershaft of football is going on and he has had to work very much. The Master Trainer Mischel is a policeman in charge of keeping the rules inforced in his town. I think he was very suprised that it has taken me 1 year to get courious about what exactly he does for work.

Anyway, He is busy at the towns local stadium keeping the peace during the public viewings for the football games he has been putting his son or another member incharge of motivating the “green” members to get out and work their dogs. Yester we were working on keeping Hella from walking so far infront