Help! I Am Getting Nerved By My German Shepherd Dog!

By Hexen –

Every week it is the same thing. I throw the wooden barbell, Hella runs to retrieve the wooden barbell, She brings the wooden barbell back, I take her by the snout as she comes to me and lift up on her head to place her in a sit, Hold her snout closed as she “nerviously” proceeds to try “mouth and chew” the wooden barbell! All the while commanding NO every time she moves her jaws.

Why won’t she get the connection?…. Throw, bring, sit, hold until I ask for the object, then when quiet, I drop the tug toy from my pocket or from under my chin as the reward and we play……

I have been working at this exercise now for almost 4 years using different methods to try to get her to hold the silly thing quiet. I have also resorted to different textures of “bar” on the bell. We have one wrapped in tape(don’t ask me I saw them do this in the U.S ) I have a barbell with like a “plastic hose” wrapped on it, and I have now resorted (the first time was last night) to try the new “gummi bar” barbell. While she did show to be more receptive to holding the bar quiet last night by using the gummi bar barbell it is still the same deal, She brings, sits, then it is as if she has a whole pack of gum in her mouth!

I am trying to stay upbeat when working this exercise. I am trying not to let her feel my frustraition. It is getting harder and harder the longer we work at this exercise as she just wont get it.