Helping You Build A Better Companion Dog

A frequent contributor to our discussion forum asked my opinion
about another dog trainer. This other dog trainer is a specialist
when it comes to training dogs for a narrow-niche dog sport
called, “Mondio Ring.”

There are probably only 150 people in the United States who
train for this dog sport. But it’s big in Europe, I’m told.

He’s a specialist: He focuses on working dog trial training.

But it got me thinking about our mission, here at
What we do– to coin a phrase by musician Perry Ferrell– is:
We Make Great Pets. Or, more specifically… we help dog owners
to build a better companion dog.

It’s a completely different focus.

What sport dog trainers do is: They adopt the best puppy they
can find that is bred for a specific type of sport/activity.
And then they train around the limitations of that sport to
score maximum points.

That’s a whole different ball game than building the perfect
companion dog, which is what we aim to do here.

If you spend 20 minutes on Youtube, you can find all types of
videos of dog trainers getting their dogs to do some absolutely
amazing behaviors. It’s very impressive!

So,where does that leave a site like

Fortunately for us, there is still a dearth of dog trainers,
dog training videos and other dog training web sites who have
not clearly defined their mission: To teach dog owners how to
build a better companion dog. There’s simply nobody out there
who can explain the concepts of basic dog obedience and behavior
modification like we do.

If you’re looking for somebody who can both train and teach by
breaking down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand building
blocks … then you’ll want to spend some time at our web site.
There’s a reason more professional dog trainers read our material
than any other. (Even dog trainers who already know how to
expertly train a dog, read our material because they want to
learn how to explain our concepts in a manner that anybody can

And while we may not be experts in teaching dogs to jump over
cars and bite the padded sleeve… I think that what we do fills
an important role in the marketplace.

Enjoy your dog,
– Adam Katz
“Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer”