Hi! My Name is Leah Kay! Here Is My Story Part 1

By Leah Kay & Mommy (Sharon) –

Hi everyone!
My name is Leah Kay and I’m 10 months old!! I’m a small min pin (Miniature Pincher) and I have both my mommy and daddy wrapped around my little paw. Let me tell you about mine (and their) story.
I was born on Nov 9th in a small town of Pomona MO. My picture was placed on the Internet in hopes of going to a good home. As you can see, I have a face that you just can’t seem to help but fall in love with.

I guess after looking at a lot of min pin pups on the internet, my face was the one that one that won my mommy’s heart over.
My new mommy and daddy were all the way down in Mission TX. My mommy had a mild breakdown, and it was thought that a cute puppy (like me) would help her. They had lost their other baby after 16 years and it was hard on them. They went almost 2 years without a baby.
Anyways, In order for me to get from Pomona, Mo all the way down to Mission TX, I had to fly all by myself on an airplane!! You want to talk about a scary adventure!! You know, people can chew gum when their ears pop, but what about us little guys (or gals)? They had my kennel locked so no one could mess with me. I also had to travel with another puppy, which was 3 times bigger than me and yapped all the way!! I couldn’t rest.

Well, what seemed like an eternity, was only hours later, I finally landed in Mission TX on Jan 25th, 2008. The first face I saw was my mommy looking in at me. At first I just didn’t understand why she wouldn’t take me out of the kennel; instead they just picked the kennel up and started walking. Then we went to this great big truck, and that is where they finally let me out.

Well, I was so scared that when she opened the door to the kennel I wanted to run-but I had nowhere to go!! Then she picked me up in her arms, and I thought, well she’s not so bad. The next thing I knew there was this man that is now my daddy, trying to put something around my neck! What the heck was he trying to do; choke me?!?!
Then it was time to finally go to my new home. I was thinking a nice big yard to run around in, an indoor play yard with lots of areas to go potty. But instead, they pulled up to this tiny yard and tiny house that had wheels under it!!

I guess this is going to be my new home from now on. Now my adventure really begins….until next time….