House Training A Husky

House Training A Husky

Elizabeth writes:  I have to thank you for all the help you have given me with your advice about training but I have one follow-up question about house training a husky.  (I really appreciate it, by the way!) Things have changed a bunch for me and my dog. To answer a few dog behavior questions from before regarding Siberian Husky training: I was feeding her two meals and her elimination times were always fluctuating quite a lot and so there was never a set amount of time we would see when elimination should be coming.

House Training A Husky

However, we started making a consistent written time sheet of when she would defecate and urinate and found a rhythm of certain times throughout the day. I am guessing this was because she does not drink the same amount each time she gets a drink and thus could hold it longer sometimes than others.

Something Else We Learned
About House Training A Husky…

And as for defecation irregularities we have found she has food allergy to grains and thus some moments she would have a major liquid feces and others soft serve which made it hard to tell about the schedule.

What has happened since we last talked to you, we have ran into many other dog owners who have had Huskies and they all seem to know something I didn’t but I did not realize this problem with the breed until I talked to my Aunt who is a competition dog trainer. She informed me about her friend with Siberian Huskies used to have this same problem of diarrhea. She explained to me that a lot of Huskies seem to have this problem occur a lot as far as they have seen, as well as skin allergies too.

You see, Huskies are known to be sled dogs more often than house pets and were fed meat most times than kibble. They also have a lot of wolf attributes still evident in their breed who only ate meat, too. So it is believed this is why Huskies seem to have this recurring grain allergy problem. Every person I have met so far who own Huskies have seen their dog also have this allergy to grains but most only show it through skin allergies. The reason I am writing about this to you is so you might be able to help the next person who may have a dog with this problem also.

By the way: The recommendation about feeding pineapple has worked wonders and has made it possible to have her almost fully potty trained. The reason I say “almost trained” is because she seems to back step every time we have to increase the cage size because of her fast growing body and when we have tried to give her back a soft fluffy bed.

I just want to say thank you so much for your advice on house training a husky and it has made it possible to have hope that this time period of getting potty trained will be over soon enough.

Thanks again