House Training A Puppy Who Shows No Signs Of Needing To Go Out

I am 12 days into housebreaking the new puppy who is about 13 weeks old. He is still not really showing me any signs that he needs to go out.  We go out first thing in the morning and after each nap, and i just try to watch for signals after feedings and throughout the day. I am home with him almost all the time.

When he does have an accident, I run to him saying his name and “No!” repeatedly and promptly put him outside and then praise him when he goes outside. Is there something I am missing or am I just expecting too much, too soon?


Hi, Tania:

First, make sure you download and read the “Secrets” book. It will help you, a lot.

Second: Don’t use his name when you correct him. He knows you’re talking to him… so just say, “No, no, no” as you run to him. (More on this in the book. Also: Watch “Housebreaking In A Hurry!” in our video vault).

How many times a day are you feeding?
How are you correcting him, when he does have an accident in the house?

Tania replies:

I have read the book and I am on the second read. I am feeding twice a day, morning and supper time, but there seems to be no time frame for defecating– After sometimes it’s 10 minutes and sometimes not for a couple hours. I guess I misunderstoood the correction thing as just saying No, no, no and putting him outside … what would you recommend as a correction for him? I am going to watch your videos, next. Thanks.


Adam replies: Hi, Tania:

What I recommend is: Until you really feel like you’ve got a handle on the housebreaking issue: Keep him on the leash, and attach the leash to your belt loop. All other times, he should be in the crate or outside on a potty break. The more times he successfully eliminates outside, it reinforces that he’s doing the right thing because you’re heaping praise on him.

If he starts to defecate in the house (remember: He’s on the leash) then you need to make it a traumatic experience for him as you drag him outside. So much so that he draws a stark comparison between black and white.

What you’ll see after that happens a couple of times is that the dog will start to give you more indication when he needs to go out, because he’ll get fidgety.

I should add: Anytime you see the puppy get super-exciteable… that’s also a sign that he needs to go outside. So, if he’s zipping around… it’s an indication that he needs to go out.

If you need further assistance on this, please start a new thread at top, as I don’t want to miss it.

Keep me posted,
Lynn adds:

Exercise and scenting can also hasten a bowel movement. Even though dogs do need to rest and digest a meal, a walk around the yard and encouraging to sniff for the perfect spot can help get things moving. Just don’t turn it into an aerobic powerwalk that would interrupt digestion.

Are you using a command for housebreaking as well? When you take him outside, tell him “Get busy” or “Go potty” or whatever you want the phrase to be so he associates going to the bathroom outside with it, and he’ll learn that when you say it, he’s outside to do some business, not run around and play.

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  1. Hi I have a 11 month old puppy that will not bark and le us know he needs to go out please help he is very smart and loves to play ball understands lots of words so i don’t know why he will not abrk to let us know he nneds to go out.

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