How to Fix Troubles With the Long Distance Recall

I purchased the 5 tape kit and I am glad I did.

There is one problem: When my dog (beagle-border collie mix) is pretty far from me, like 100 feet or so, I have a difficult time getting him back tome. Would you please advise.

Thanks, Steck

Dear Steck:

Your dog has become leash smart. Remember, your dog has very limited use of logic and reason. She only learns through association. Please review the section in my book about how to use the long line and undo what you’ve inadvertently done. There is asection in the book where I describe how the exact same thing happened tome, with the first dog I ever trained. She associated that I could make her come, as long as she was within a 25 foot distance (the length of my long line) because I would always call and tug on the line, just she hit the 25 foot limit.

I fixed this by buying a35 foot line, and then working with the line at various lengths. (In other words, you’ve gotta mix it up. Remember, you’re playing a mind game with your dog. You want to convince her that ther is no distance that you cannot enforce your command.) One of the best ways to do this is to vary the length of your leash, and also to tie it to a tree, walk her to 30 feet of one side of the tree and call from 30 feet from the other side.