How to Get Doggie Smell Out of Your Car

One of our members made an excellent and informative post that I wanted to highlight here, regarding how to get that doggie smell out of your car. All odors have a source. If you can still smell it, the source is still lurking, somewhere, haunting you every time you get in your truck. To get to the heart of the matter, you need a good odor neutralizer.

Do a search on “X-O odor neutralizer”. Pet retailers don’t sell it. There’s a “cleaning center” (hint hint) that sells it in larger quantities than anywhere else. It’s a safe, natural & organic enzymatic cleaner, and works much better than Nature’s Miracle. It got anal glan juice out of my car (can’t imagine anything worse)! For stains, Folex carpet cleaner is the best. You can get it at home improvement stores. It’s a white bottle with purple print. I used to work for a ChemDry company, and they’re awesome, but Folex is even better than their spot cleaner.

For daily maintenance, keep towels over the seats (better than sheets because they absorb some of the fallout). Shake them out and exchange them regularly. Tape rollers are great for quick hair removal. Glade now makes air fresheners that plug into the car vent. They’re nice. Just make sure you attach it to the driver’s side vent and on the lowest setting (0-1) so it’s not too strong for the dogs. The queen of clean has spoken.