How to Get Your Dog to Hang Around the Yard

Dear Adam:

My question is: How do I get my dog to stay in my yard without having to buy an electric fence? You know, for her just to hang around in the yard when I let her out to play. I would be most grateful if you would answer my question

Thank You,
Mark Murray

Dear Mark:

There is a common myth that you can/should be able to put your dog in the backyard unsupervised, without a properly fenced-in yard.

But both of these are designed for when your are generally with your dog, For example, having a picnic, washing the car, in the yard gardening, etc&

I would not recommend even using an electronic fence if you will be leaving your dog for long periods of time in the yard. There is just too much risk involved. Nor does an e-fence prevent other animals from wandering into your yard.